Saturday, July 19, 2014


Hello! Kaycee here. I work as a nanny for one little girl, and Uriah, my husband of one year, along with his friend, has just started a lawn care/landscaping business that has kept him busy all summer!

If you hadn't heard, we plan to leave on our next great adventure in just 2 short months!!! Couldn't be more excited! Preparation to start our YWAM Discipleship Training School is in full-swing! We fly out to Cape Town, South Africa on September 17th, and our school lasts until March 20th. Between work and spending time with people we love, we've been busily working out all the little things, like what we're going to do with our stuff, and our lease, and our car, what we're going to pack (and what we'll pack it in), and raising support!

We just hit the 50% mark to meeting our goal($15,000), and we just keep getting blown away at how God is providing! Like, my sweet sister in Kansas getting her small group to donate their old stuff and selling it at a garage sale. Then the cost of both of our airfare was donated. And just little donations here and there, and the t-shirt sales..they really add up. People we never expected have generously donated, just to be a part of what God is doing around the world!
 We're finding out (again, but afresh) how trustworthy He is in ALL parts of our lives, and how we can count on Him, even when we take our eyes off Him and start sinking, and even when all we can do in our own power is mess everything up. Apart from anything do or don't do (or do and fail at), He is good, and His grace really is sufficient in our weakness!