Sunday, October 16, 2016

Where In The World Are The Stepps?! And What Are They Doing?!

Hello friends and Family!! 

So sorry for not updating sooner, we have been quite busy!! In July we finished up and graduated our School of Biblical Studies in South Africa with Youth With A Mission!

Then we made our journey back home! So where the heck is Home you might ask? Well Home is Sterling, Kansas! A little town NW of Wichita! 

There is one stoplight in this town! Itty Bitty! This is our little house here in Sterling!!

So this house was actually the same house we lived in right after we got married!! It was totally God that opened it up for us to move back in after we had been in South Africa for 9 months! 

We have also Added to our family!!!

This is Bear our Dog!! He is part Black Lab and Part German Shepard!! He is full of energy and really teaching us how to be responsible :) !!!


The transition back to the states has been very smooth we have had a place to land and call home and as well have had jobs laid out for us by our gracious Father!! We have and great opportunities to serve in our local church Crosspoint of Sterling! We are both helping out with the Youth on Wednesday nights! 

As far as work is concerned, Kaycee has been helping her parents with 6 amazing kids that they have adopted about 1 and 1/2 years ago! These kids are such a joy to have in our lives! Kaycee as well works a few shifts a week at the local pizza shop Gambinos!! (Some of the best pizza on earth!!) :)!!

(Starting from the left: Zackary and Allie, Eric and Nevaeh, J.J. and Alyna)

I have been working with our uncle and his business called Roberts All-Trade Services (RATS)!! We joke and say "We are the only Rats you want in your house!" haha! So I literally have been training in all trades, be it roofing, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, mold remediation, flooring, drywall, pretty much anything dealing with construction! It has been such a blessing because I see this as something I can take on the missions field with me!! 

Another awesome aspect of this company is it has a vision for missions and meeting the needs of people! We want to be able to take the knowledge of our trades as well as the love of Jesus and go and minister to people all over the world! Something that we were taught in the School of Biblical Studies is how can we apply the timeless truths of scripture to the spheres of society all around us? It is awesome to be working at a place that is doing just that! Meeting people right where they are loving on them, and meeting the physical need by fixing whatever it is that needs to be fixed! God has been Disciplining me so much through this Job! Such a blessing!  


This brings me to our next Endeavor!! 

February 7th to the 16th Kaycee and I will be traveling with RATS (the company I work for) and an organization called Global Infusion , and we will be traveling to Guatemala!!!! We will be working with a school there in Guatemala and helping redo some electrical and plumbing there! This school is a huge soft spot on the church we currently attend here in Sterling! They have sent multiple teams to Guatemala already!  As well we will be trekking up into the mountains and ministering the Love of Jesus to the Villagers!! We are so excited for this opportunity!! Our need to go is $3600. This covers our flights, lodging, and meals. 

Can you help us!?
  • Prayer is always a huge thing when it comes to missions, we need friends and family to stand with us in prayer while we prepare and while we are on the field! Pray that God would begin to give us his heart for this country and that we would be sensitive to the Holy Spirits leading!

  • Learning the Language we are going to try and learn Spanish before we go!

  • Giving Financially  again we need to raise $3600 to go on this trip. The best way for us to receive funds are through our paypal account! Our paypal email is:  or there is a Paypal donate button at the top on the right. But if technology isn't the way you roll you can make checks out to: 
Crosspoint Sterling 

Memo line on check:
Guatemala February Names

Addressed to: 
109 W Garfield Ave 
Sterling, KS 67579

**Checks made out to Crosspoint qualify for a tax deductible receipt**

Thank You so much for keeping up with us on our journeys and praying for us it is much appreciated!! If you ever have any questions or prayer requests yourself don't hesitate to email us at

-Uriah & Kaycee Stepp

Sunday, June 19, 2016

"Great Is Thy Faithfulness"

Dear Friends and Family,

We just wanted to shout out and say THANK YOU for all the support that we have received from all of you, both in prayer and financially, over this last year and even our whole lives. Throughout our time here we have been able to see God's grace and faithfulness to his people, to see his sovereignty over kings and principalities of the world, his redemption purposes which stretch from the Garden of Eden to now and into the future, and most of all his love for us. We have grown up spiritually, and learned a lot of practical ministry things.Thursday we graduate and celebrate all that God has done for us through this school and begin saying our goodbyes to all of our friends and this beautiful country!

We have had a blast during these 9 Months!! We have built relationships that will last a lifetime and shared memories that will never be forgotten! God's Faithfulness is so extreme! We have learned so much in the Old Testament how He held to his covenant even though His people broke it. This has played out even in our lives as well! 

I want to remind you guys of a vision that God gave us one week at church, before we left for our DTS (almost two years ago): I was standing on the edge of the ocean ready to walk out on the water. My hands were empty but as I stepped out, God came and he gave me the money I needed to walk ahead. 9 months ago we came to South Africa with about $2,000 dollars (which we guessed would keep us afloat for the first 3 months), in faith that we were supposed to be here and God would indeed provide. In the times when we didn't know where it would come from, we sometimes worried, but then we thanked God and rested on the promise he made to us--that he would provide, and we learned to be content with that. From school fees to rent to health insurance and extra things, God has provided, and we were never once late paying a bill! This is one example of God's faithfulness in our lives. This has been the theme of our entire life in missions! HE IS FAITHFUL!

Thank you for loving us and believing with us. It has not been easy, and it hasn't always been fun, but it has been good, and we are 100% thankful for this opportunity.

In two short weeks we head back to the states and hit the ground running. We graduate on the 23rd!! And we will spend one more week here, and we will GO ON SAFARI!!! Then its off to the States!!

Here is a compilation of some photos of our time here!!

                   "The Boats in Kalk Bay"

                         "Our SBS Class"


                        "Our Esther Play"


                     "One of Our Movie Nights"

"Raising Awareness For A Safe House, Spinathon!!"

                  "Mumford And Sons Concert"

                "Uncle Larry Came For A Visit"

                     "Walks On The Beach"

                "SBS milkshake breaks"

                 "Our Housemate Gurtrude!"

     "Muizenberg our Home for the last 9 months!"

                "Our life in the Class Room!"

Sunday, April 17, 2016

What's Next For The Stepps?!

What's Next For The Stepps?!

Hey friends and family!! Hope you are doing splendid!! The question that humanity as a whole is always asking is, "What's Next?" This letter is a tribute to that question!

We are well into our last quarter of our School of Biblical Studies with University of the Nations! We are currently studying my favorite books, the Prophets! It has been such a great experience being able to study the bible together! We see the value of studying the bible, because this will be the foundation for our lives from here on out! Be it in our family, workplace, or community, what we are learning is able to apply to all those avenues!

Now for the meat on the sandwich! (Sorry, vegetarians!) “What's next!?” When we arrive back in the U-S of A we will be watching all your beautiful fireworks from above! We arrive back in Kansas on the 4th of July!!! Why Kansas you might ask?  Kaycee's Uncle Steve has his master's licenses in electrical, plumbing, and heat and air. He has started a business and I am going to work alongside him and learn a trade!  (Been a dream of mine for awhile!) But that's not even the best part! The main reason he is starting this business is to use it as a tool for discipleship! My heart has always been for people and transformation! I love watching people come in to their real identity in Christ so this totally lines up with my heart! Kaycee will be helping her parents part-time, and work on some other projects on the side. Another surprise, our first house we lived in right after we got married has come available again! Looking forward to calling that lovely nook Home again!

Before we leave there is something we must do... During our breaks we haven't had much cash to go out and see this beautiful country. So before we leave we have a week to really get out and go explore God's beautiful creation here in South Africa! We are planning to go on safari in Kruger National Park! Our housing has already been booked, we just need our flights and car rental now! We see this as one of those once and in a lifetime opportunities! Will you help us go out with a BOOMSHAKALAKA!?

We appreciate all your interest in our journey! It will be awesome to return home and reconnect with you. Thank you also for your financial and prayer support. Every time we have come up short God has supplied through your gifts, or some other way we never would have been able to conjure up! 
Uriah & Kaycee Stepp

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Steady As We Go!

Hello Everyone!!

Hope that you all are doing amazing!! Kaycee and I just finished our second of three terms of SBS and we're now enjoying a one-week break!! I think one of my favorite projects was being able to make a timeline of Kings and Chronicles.

   I know most people think.. "Oh those boring books that just talk about a bunch of random people doing a bunch of random things"... But this really brought these books alive to me! One of the greatest lessons learned so far is that the Israelites had to go through the wilderness for training purposes.  That is where God revealed so much of his character and his deep commitment to his people. As normal human beings we want to skip the struggle, but God wants to take us to a new level of dependence on him, so we must go through it.

    Another very fruitful things we have been able to partake in is our local outreach ministries! I can speak for both of us when I say, these ministries have both really stretched us, and formed us to be more like Christ! I have been so blessed to watch the Holy Spirit work through me as we minister to the people on the streets. It is so amazing to walk up to someone and pray for them and God reveal just how much purpose these people have in their lives! The majority of the people we minister to are homeless and have not had the easiest life. The relationships that have been made here will never be forgotten! Kaycee helps with an after-school program in a place called Grassy Hill. There are about fifteen kids between ages 7-11 who come. She and the team have felt led to help the kids along in the area of prayer through short teachings and exercises.  Although she is uncomfortable with teaching, she loves spending time with them and helping disciple them!
   God has been so faithful to us! Remembering back last September when we were gearing up to come out here, my mind is blown by just how detailed God has been in orchestrating all of this! He has brought us so far physically speaking and spiritually speaking. We were just talking with some friends the other day about marriage, and Kaycee and I both agree that this has been the best year of marriage for us no doubt! We have grown so much in our marriage as well as individual people. Marriage and missions is not always the easiest thing, especially when you are immersed in community and you put in any where from 40-60 hours a week into studies. God has had so much grace on us in this area! We really believe God has stretched us in our marriage for the best!

Please continue to pray with us!! 

It is so important to us to finish, and finish strong!

  • Pray that we continue to enter in to this final term with the same hunger as when we started. It is super easy to fall into a place where we just do what we need to do to get by seeing as we are on the final stretch!
  • Pray we receive the reaming funds we need for rent and health insurance and our plane tickets home!
  • Pray we continue to grow in our marriage!
  • Pray we remain intentional, and focus on the rest of our time here!

Thank you so much for taking time to see where we are! We are so grateful for your support! 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sharing The Love!!

Happy Valentine's Day! It's been a while since we updated.  We hope that your 2016 has gotten off to an awesome start! We celebrated by getting dressed up and enjoying some food, live music, and fireworks with thousands off beautiful people downtown Cape Town! Then we got back into the study grind.. We do enjoy weekends, though. Uriah went to the Mumford & Sons concert a few weeks ago and got a deal that couldn't be passed up!! Last night we got the chance to go and worship with 30,000 other Jesus lovers at the stadium in Cape Town! We've also been swimming in the ocean and really been blessed by our friends to partake in life outside of the crazy world of Biblical studies. Also, I was able to get an amazing new haircut (Uriah added in the amazing part)!!

The New Testament studies are finished for now, and we have moved on into studying the Old Testament. Studying the Pentateuch has been really different from our New Testament studies, but it's so awesome to get to see God in action. Before we started studying, I thought that God changed his mind about people in the New Testament: Old Testament God was angry and just killed everybody, New Testament God is nice. But for the first time I am really seeing the same God throughout scripture. That’s really cool.

So our studies are still taking up most of our time. We study and are in class 40+ hours/week. Aside from that we participate in weekly intercession (prayer for others), weekly worship, and participate in weekly local outreach. Uriah is totally in his element talking and praying with people he meets on the streets! This last week my new local outreach started and I LOVED it! Five of us are going each week to a Christian after-school program for 8-11 year olds in a place where a majority of the students are Muslim. We are excited to teach the students more about the Bible and we really felt in our preparation time that God wanted us to teach them about prayer and life in the Spirit! It's so awesome to see what God has been doing in Cape Town and to be a part of it.

We are doing great with housing and all this work and everything.  At this point our biggest need is financial. We have about $4600 that we still need to finish out the school. We are praying that God will provide the remaining balance, and that we can purchase our tickets this month!! Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support. We wouldn’t want to do it without you!