Friday, January 9, 2015

“When we are powerless to do a thing, it is a great joy that we can come and step inside the ability of Jesus” -Corrie ten Boom

It's hard to believe we have been in Nepal for more than three weeks! What a crazy, adventurous three weeks it has been.. It feels like we have had to relearn everything: using the restroom, showering, cooking, disposing of garbage, transportation, communication.. On a deeper level, we're learning to love each other deeper, we're learning just how GOOD and faithful God is, and personally, I'm learning the importance of seeing in the Spirit and praying with the Spirit and not trusting what I see. It hasn't really been easy, but I'm so grateful for this time. Also, we found a great place to sooth our homesickness: The Lazy Gringo..REAL texmex!

Get in my belly!

A couple pictures from Boudha Stupa..

God has led us to such amazing opportunities, including spending time at a children's home and a school, praying bold prayers at the nearby stupa, still helping with the feeding program at Banquet House, and the one we are most excited about: He led us to a beautiful church family right near our house! We were all walking last week and a boy walked up beside Uriah and said "Jaimasi" (which is the Nepali greeting between Christians). After a moment, Uriah realized what he said and replied, "You're a Christian!" And the boy said he was and he invited us to his house to meet his family. That is where we learned about this church, called Fresh Fire.

Guys, we attended the church for the first time last week and it was possibly my favorite things since we've been here. It is a small church of maybe 30, and they meet in a single room in one of the buildings about ten minutes from our home. They have welcomed us and loved on us with gifts and much shared food and tea. We were able to pray for the sick among us and God healed several because He's just awesome like that! Today, we joined them for a prayer meeting, where we worshiped and prayed for the country and for the church and for the sick and the lost for two hours!! Then we stayed for tea and donuts and we got to laugh and joke and get to know our new friends. We already deeply love this body. I've never felt so blessed to be a part of something, even just for two months. This is the CHURCH!! 

God is also doing cool things through Uriah and his friend Ezekiel from the church! They both love Jesus and are bold. Here's Uriah's testimony: "Today we asked the Holy Spirit to lead us through Mandikhatar and highlight who he wanted us to talk to, encourage, and pray with. We came to a lady who was 87 years old and had some back issues. We walked with her to her destination and prayed with her once she had a place to sit down. As we were speaking with her, her caregiver came up and began to ask who we were and what we were doing. Ezekiel explained we were led to her by the Holy Spirit and we wanted to pray with her. He then invited them to come to church with us tomorrow. They will be there she said!! As we continued walking Ezekiel took me to where his pastor works. He teaches English at a Christian organization near where we live. Once we arrived his pastor walked over to me and said, "Welcome! Do you mind sharing with my English class a bit about who you are and why you are here?" (SAY WHAT!!!) I said yes, of course, but was a little caught off guard! Turned into me preaching to this class learning English for about an hour and a half. Crazy times!! After that the pastor, Ezekiel, and I spoke about the church's vision and what is to come. It was so fun just being able to listen and encourage and pray with them!!" In the words of our DTS friend Johan: "COME ON, JESUS!"

Uriah and Josh
One last bit of news is that the crazies to the left are currently planning to take a motorcycle trip to Tibet in February! You read that right--motorcycles. (Yikes!) It will probably be a short trip, but they're really REALLY excited about it. They will be going with a group of guys and a guide, and they look forward to seeing more of Nepal and experiencing a little bit of Tibet, as well as the opportunity to release more of God's presence in that place. I'll be sitting out and enjoying an introvert weekend and probably eating some more Lazy Gringo. Bueno. :)

Please pray with us:
-For the Church in Nepal..that they would be encouraged, strengthened, and bold in sharing their faith as God guides. And for continued peace for Christians in Nepal (no government pushback)
-For those who don't yet know Jesus.
-For health in our team..we've been fighting colds and stomach issues since we got here.
-And finally, for Josh and Uriah in their planning and preparation for this trip to Tibet. They need to raise some funds,  get visas and receive God's favor for crossing the border hassle-free.

THANKS for reading and supporting us! Don't forget, we'd love to hear back from you.. Let us know how you're doing and how we can be praying for you! Much love<3