Thursday, July 30, 2015

Game Time!!

Hey friends!! We've been "home" for a little over a month. Spending time with friends and family and just being in a familiar place has been quite nice. We were tempted to start settling down and having a normal life, but it's just not time for that.

Out at YWAM in Muizenberg, South Africa, they run an excellent School of Biblical Studies (SBS). Last year when we were in South Africa attending our DTS, I got the itch to do my SBS when I realized how little I know about God's Word. Uriah and I prayed and felt that we should apply together, and we were accepted Monday! The SBS runs from September to June. During this 9-month school we'll study the entire Bible, book by book, using the inductive approach. The idea is that we will leave having a better understanding of the Scriptures and be equipped to study for ourselves as well as teach others!

Here is the breakdown of our expenses:

$8,880 total tuition (includes housing, food, class materials and fees)
$80 for registration fees
$1,800 for our health insurance while we are gone
$4,000 roundtrip airfare for two
$1,800 for miscellaneous costs (date night, toiletries, transportation, giving, etc)
$16,560 grand total

The need is rather large, and potentially overwhelming--if you don't know my God! :D We wanted to extend to you the opportunity to give. Any amount is great and appreciated, $25, $50, $100, whatever you can afford. There is a "Donate" button through paypal just to the right of this post, below the picture up top. Even if you can't give, you are still a valuable part of our team and we need you to pray!

Pray that we can get our visas.
Pray for us, that we can focus on our studies and that God will meet us there!
Pray for grace in our marriage.
Thank you for reading this long post, but mostly thank you for supporting us and loving us as we go. We would love the opportunity to pray for you and support you in any way, so please comment or email us any time.

Much love, 
Uriah and Kaycee