Thursday, June 18, 2015

Oklahoma dwelling!

Hello!! Hope you all are enjoying your summer! We have enjoyed it so far. Last we posted, we were in Nepal still, but we actually left about a week and a half ago and hit the ground running as soon as we got back to Oklahoma. The rest of our time was really amazing. It was awesome meeting so many people who felt the same call we did to go to Nepal. It seemed like this time around we were able to see many more ministries and connect with many more people than before.

As we mentioned in our last blog, a week in the village went by, and when we returned we started serving in various places. We got to serve a couple times at Banquet House (feeding the homeless and bandaging their wounds), and once Kaycee went to Beauty for Ashes (employs women to make jewelry and beautiful infinity scarves and more..) to help with inventory. We also hung out several times with our Fresh Fire church friends, and Uriah got to preach one Saturday. We were also so blessed to spend quite a bit of time with some new friends, Heather and Matt, who live in Kathmandu. While the boys went and tore down houses for two days, Heather and I stayed home with their adorable new baby, Jeremiah.

We had been praying about joining another organization for our last few weeks, when we received a call saying that Uriah's Great Grandma Pauline, who had taken a bad fall before we left, was getting out of the hospital and needed someone to stay with her at home. It seemed God spoke pretty clearly through scripture (Isaiah 58) that it was the right thing to do, and he gave us grace and excitement to go back early. We were able to bring her home last Wednesday, and she's doing great at home!

For now, Oklahoma is where God has us! There are many hopes and dreams in our hearts!! Watch and pray with us!! Thank you so much for keeping up with us!! Much Love!!

Pani puri..yum!

Cool shot from on top of a building Uriah was working on.

This is the house that Matt and Uriah were working to tear down! Yikes!

Nepal Will Always Hold A Dear Spot In Our Hearts!

Outskirts of Kathmandu.

Cows doing what they want in traffic.

A wooden chariot built for rain god festival.

Fresh Fire Church Family!! So Much Love For These Strong People!

More Family!! So Precious To Us!

Uriah & Ezekiel!

Uriah serving at Banquet House.

Patan Durbar Square--several buildings down, several held up by wooden sticks..