Sunday, August 30, 2015

Update and Prayer Requests!

Time is going so quickly for us. It doesn't seem possible that in 3 weeks we will be in South Africa and starting our school.. We are excited about it, and trying to soak up every second of our time with friends and family in the states. (If you are in KS or OK and want to see us before we go, please speak up and we will do our best to make it work!)  

Mexican food for Grami's birthday! <3
Saw my Bestie and her other half in OKC!
Two weeks ago, Uriah and I made our 3-trip out to Chicago to apply for our study visas. We were a little bummed that we had to go at first, but it ended up being and extremely satisfying trip, and we were blessed to see and spend time with many, many people we love as well as spend a night together downtown. When we applied for our visas, we were very prepared and had everything we needed and spent less than 15 minutes at the South African consulate..
Uriah's first time.. Chicago..we love you!
Meg N Mike..power couple in Chicago!
Ran into this fine man and his NEW FIANCE in Chicago! Congrats to them!
My God Sister and God Daughter. :D I LOVE YOU ROOMS!
Cousin time in St. Louis<3
I've been to Chi town several times and never saw the bean! It's much larger than I expected it would be!

(We also saw Brett and Greg & Laura (and Alyssa and Grady), but I forgot to get pictures!)

Praise reports:

1) God is providing for our needs. Finances are coming in, I prayed and found suit cases at garage sales for cheap, and I needed jeans and mom cleaned out her closet! 

2) We have a family gym pass and I have mustered up the courage to begin getting back in shape!

3) Uriah and I sold our car and are officially DEBT FREE!!! (Happy dance!)

She was a good car!
I think every time we have made a big decision like this, God has taught us more about His character and His ability to take care of us. We are trusting this is what He is calling us to, and trying to keep our eyes on Him and not putting weight on what we see in the physical. Like Peter when he walked on the water. Jesus really does make us BRAVE as the song says, because we are so secure in Him even if we fall. And we're no longer slaves to fear, because we are Children of the Living God!

We have three prayer requests, and we're asking you to pray with us. If you feel like He is giving you scripture or something for us, please do share!

1) Pray for closeness to Jesus and for sensitivity to what He is saying/doing just during all this craziness. 

2) Pray we (and our classmates) will get our visas . Uriah will be calling again tomorrow, and it has been kind of a hairy process and we are honestly unsure about what the outcome will be.

3) Pray that we will find housing in Muizenberg. (The base has run out of housing for students.)

4) Pray that the finances will come (for us and our classmates), and thank him for what has already come in. 

(By the way, Alyssa, Uriah, and I have two more fundraising events before we leave! One is a garage sale, and the other one is a Gambino's fundraiser. :D)
If you're in Kansas, come see us!!

This is about it for now. We will update you again in the next couple weeks. God bless you all for your friendship, prayer, and kind generosity. xoxox, Kaycee and Uriah