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Monday, July 17, 2017

Season To Season God Is Ever Faithful

Hey friends!

It has been a few months since we updated!

Uriah is really enjoying the youth pastor position at our church and our Father is taking care of our every need! We finished the school year out according to plan, and this summer Uriah is participating in camps and organizing activities for the students. He has recently started studying the curriculum we will be using for the students on Wednesday nights! We are really happy to be working with the youth this year, and have been praying that we will be instrumental in leading the students into deeper relationship with Jesus! We would appreciate your prayers for us and for the students, and for a few more passionate, committed helpers!

Alright....we have some big news! LIKE...HUGE NEWS! You might know it if you keep up with us on Facebook. Literally days after we wrote the last post, we found out that I AM PREGNANT!  I am now 17 weeks and 2 days along, and feeling generally GREAT! We have our appointment to find out the baby's gender in a few weeks.

I am fattening up nicely and preparing for my approx. Dec 23 debut. I am the size of a chipmunk and I steal all of mom's energy and dad's love! My heart beat is steady and strong.

I also love to do cute things for wave hello. and last time I was sucking my thumb!

Some of my initial thoughts:
1) Gratitude and Joy! I am a MOM! This has been a dream for so long.
2) It is incredible how God has wired my body to grow a human. Uriah and I just did what  we do ☺ and my body took over. I was literally amazed stupid for two weeks by this!!! It is still pretty crazy to think about!
3) GOD IS FUNNY! Looking back at finances, we noticed that Uriah deposited his last full-time paycheck on March 17. The 18th is officially the first day of my pregnancy (although we didn't know until 5 weeks later). He could have given us a baby while we had that great income (we had been trying for a while), but he didn't. Hmm..does he want us to trust him?
4) I faced some fear that I would miscarry and it was a daily struggle in my mind to choose faith and (again) trust over fear. Also, it reminded me that the baby isn't "mine" but his on loan to us for a time..a great lesson that I will probably have to be reminded of a lot.

The whole family is thrilled, and we are busy, busy getting the nursery and everything in order and going to appointments and calling insurance.

Uriah and Dad with some others built a fence for our back yard so our fur child has room to run and play and go potty!! It is definitely an exciting time for us. We really do appreciate each and everyone of you who stand in prayer with us!! God is ever Faithful!! 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reach out to us! Would love to connect with you! 

Much love,
all the Stepps

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Youth Pastor Say WHAT!?

Hello lovely people!!

So many of you may know we have transitioned into the Youth Pastor position at CrossPoint Sterling!! This is such a joy to my heart to be able to walk in my calling, through helping students recognize their real identity in Christ!! I believe in today's society where the world is telling our kids who they need to be, it is crucial that we combat the lies with the Truth(The Person Jesus Christ)!! We are so excited to partner with what God is already doing here in Sterling.

"Our heart is to see God's kingdom invade the lives of these Youth, to see them walking in their true identity, and to simply just do life with these amazing students!" -Uriah Stepp

As far as the church budget is concerned there are not enough funds to pay me a salary, so in essence we are missionaries in our own community! Most of you already know that we have been in this position before where we have to "Get out of the boat" with Jesus! It takes a lot of faith and trust to get out of the boat of "life of comfort" and or the "life of certainty". But ultimately I believe we are safest in the hands of the Father and not the hands of ourselves!

All this being said we are asking all our supporters to pray about coming along side of us again in this season of life! We are asking for most importantly prayer! Prayer for our marriage, prayer for sensitivity to the Spirit of God, prayer for wisdom, and of course prayer for our finances. On the financial end of things we really need a monthly support system! Would you be willing to support us monthly? How much? Well the budget we have set is about $1200. We are just asking people to support us monthly with whatever they feel God is laying on their heart! By no means at all do we want to walk out our vision while putting someone else in a rough situation financially. We know that times are tough, but praise be to God because He is our provider!!

Understand our hearts when we say we are so utterly thankful  for all your support! The fact that our brothers and sisters believe in us and are walking this journey out with us is incredibly encouraging!

Please Email Us @ with your questions or if God is moving on your heart to support us monthly!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

New Things!

Hello, friends! I hope this finds you all well! We have made a change that we couldn't wait to tell you all about: Uriah and I have, after much thought and prayer, chosen to take on a youth pastor position at our church in Sterling.

Our desire to work with the youth in our church came quickly after our arrival back in the States, so we began working with the middle school sometime at the end of last year. Our campus pastor had taken on the youth pastor role because nobody else had stepped up and he has done a great job. But God continued to press on Uriah's heart, especially, that he should fill this gap. His time working with the RATS was invaluable, and Uriah is grateful for the knowledge and wisdom that he gained. He happily began his work at the church last week. I have also taken on some responsibility at the church, to organize community outreach opportunities.

Uriah is working part-time without salary at the moment. There are a couple of generous people in our congregation who have said that they would support a youth pastor financially and we are so grateful for that, but it is not enough to live on in and of itself. Uriah and I are able to pick up some hours at Gambino's and a couple of other odd jobs, and we are trusting God to provide the remaining $1,000 we need each month. Honestly, I was really, really enjoying the financial stability from paychecks he earned before, but God is pushing us back toward the edge, where we must rely on him as our provider. It is less certain where or when (or if), but it is always a beautiful thing that causes us to rely more on him!

Please be praying for us as we transition into these new roles and new schedules. And pray that we will be good examples and effective ministers of the Gospel for the kids that God has put in front of us. And also, please be praying if you might be part of an answer to our financial need. As always, keep in touch. We would love to hear from you are doing, questions or concerns or ways we can pray for you.

-Uriah and Kaycee

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Our Time In Guatemala!

First off we would like to thank everyone who helped make this trip possible! We had an extremely productive and overflowing joyful trip! It is always such a privilege and opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus! We watched God work in so many different ways and facets! We give all glory to Jesus Christ and we can't wait for our next opportunity!

Again, thanks to all who stood with us through prayer and financial support you too were a part of this awesome work! 

Uriah and Kaycee