Sunday, August 17, 2014

We Are Back In Kansas Toto!!

Thanks, Uriah, for the awesome title! ;) We are actually back in Kansas now, set up camp in the house we lived in when we first got married. (Yay!) We finished up our jobs and said our goodbyes back in Edmond, and now we'll spend our last little leg with my family in Sterling. While we're here, Uriah will be helping at Gambino's Pizza, while I help out with the kids.

Here's our family! For those of you who don't know, my parents are fostering six (yes, SIX) children. They're super cute. This picture was taken at the boys' birthday party yesterday! They had so much fun, especially Erik, who had been saving up for a rip stick for a long time and got one as a birthday gift!

We are exactly one month from the beginning of our first big adventure together! I mentioned in our last post that we (Lord willing) leave on September 17th for South Africa! I really don't think it will be real to me until I step on the plane.  :)  We still have a few logistical things to work out, like how we are getting to the airport and getting our car back to my parents house. And what size sheets do we need to buy for the bed we will be sleeping in. Not really important, but it's really the only thing I am worried about. 

Financially speaking, we are only about $5,000 away from our goal! We have all that we need to pay up front, but that $5,000 is the rest of our money needed for outreach. We're still not worrying, but casting our cares on Jesus and leaning on Him, and there is so much freedom there. We have continued to see funds pile up, from just normal, obedient people. People who don't know us or YWAM, or people who maybe don't have extra to give, but they felt led to give anyways. We praise God for his ways that are higher than ours, and thank him for the provision for both the giver and the receiver.

This is kind of a long post. We'll try to post more regularly once we arrive. For now, thank you for coming along with us on our journey! We love you!!