Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Steady As We Go!

Hello Everyone!!

Hope that you all are doing amazing!! Kaycee and I just finished our second of three terms of SBS and we're now enjoying a one-week break!! I think one of my favorite projects was being able to make a timeline of Kings and Chronicles.

   I know most people think.. "Oh those boring books that just talk about a bunch of random people doing a bunch of random things"... But this really brought these books alive to me! One of the greatest lessons learned so far is that the Israelites had to go through the wilderness for training purposes.  That is where God revealed so much of his character and his deep commitment to his people. As normal human beings we want to skip the struggle, but God wants to take us to a new level of dependence on him, so we must go through it.

    Another very fruitful things we have been able to partake in is our local outreach ministries! I can speak for both of us when I say, these ministries have both really stretched us, and formed us to be more like Christ! I have been so blessed to watch the Holy Spirit work through me as we minister to the people on the streets. It is so amazing to walk up to someone and pray for them and God reveal just how much purpose these people have in their lives! The majority of the people we minister to are homeless and have not had the easiest life. The relationships that have been made here will never be forgotten! Kaycee helps with an after-school program in a place called Grassy Hill. There are about fifteen kids between ages 7-11 who come. She and the team have felt led to help the kids along in the area of prayer through short teachings and exercises.  Although she is uncomfortable with teaching, she loves spending time with them and helping disciple them!
   God has been so faithful to us! Remembering back last September when we were gearing up to come out here, my mind is blown by just how detailed God has been in orchestrating all of this! He has brought us so far physically speaking and spiritually speaking. We were just talking with some friends the other day about marriage, and Kaycee and I both agree that this has been the best year of marriage for us no doubt! We have grown so much in our marriage as well as individual people. Marriage and missions is not always the easiest thing, especially when you are immersed in community and you put in any where from 40-60 hours a week into studies. God has had so much grace on us in this area! We really believe God has stretched us in our marriage for the best!

Please continue to pray with us!! 

It is so important to us to finish, and finish strong!

  • Pray that we continue to enter in to this final term with the same hunger as when we started. It is super easy to fall into a place where we just do what we need to do to get by seeing as we are on the final stretch!
  • Pray we receive the reaming funds we need for rent and health insurance and our plane tickets home!
  • Pray we continue to grow in our marriage!
  • Pray we remain intentional, and focus on the rest of our time here!

Thank you so much for taking time to see where we are! We are so grateful for your support!