Monday, July 17, 2017

Season To Season God Is Ever Faithful

Hey friends!

It has been a few months since we updated!

Uriah is really enjoying the youth pastor position at our church and our Father is taking care of our every need! We finished the school year out according to plan, and this summer Uriah is participating in camps and organizing activities for the students. He has recently started studying the curriculum we will be using for the students on Wednesday nights! We are really happy to be working with the youth this year, and have been praying that we will be instrumental in leading the students into deeper relationship with Jesus! We would appreciate your prayers for us and for the students, and for a few more passionate, committed helpers!

Alright....we have some big news! LIKE...HUGE NEWS! You might know it if you keep up with us on Facebook. Literally days after we wrote the last post, we found out that I AM PREGNANT!  I am now 17 weeks and 2 days along, and feeling generally GREAT! We have our appointment to find out the baby's gender in a few weeks.

I am fattening up nicely and preparing for my approx. Dec 23 debut. I am the size of a chipmunk and I steal all of mom's energy and dad's love! My heart beat is steady and strong.

I also love to do cute things for wave hello. and last time I was sucking my thumb!

Some of my initial thoughts:
1) Gratitude and Joy! I am a MOM! This has been a dream for so long.
2) It is incredible how God has wired my body to grow a human. Uriah and I just did what  we do ☺ and my body took over. I was literally amazed stupid for two weeks by this!!! It is still pretty crazy to think about!
3) GOD IS FUNNY! Looking back at finances, we noticed that Uriah deposited his last full-time paycheck on March 17. The 18th is officially the first day of my pregnancy (although we didn't know until 5 weeks later). He could have given us a baby while we had that great income (we had been trying for a while), but he didn't. Hmm..does he want us to trust him?
4) I faced some fear that I would miscarry and it was a daily struggle in my mind to choose faith and (again) trust over fear. Also, it reminded me that the baby isn't "mine" but his on loan to us for a time..a great lesson that I will probably have to be reminded of a lot.

The whole family is thrilled, and we are busy, busy getting the nursery and everything in order and going to appointments and calling insurance.

Uriah and Dad with some others built a fence for our back yard so our fur child has room to run and play and go potty!! It is definitely an exciting time for us. We really do appreciate each and everyone of you who stand in prayer with us!! God is ever Faithful!! 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reach out to us! Would love to connect with you! 

Much love,
all the Stepps