Saturday, October 11, 2014

Jesus is awesome!

What's up, guys?! We have just finished up week three of our DTS Lecture phase! I can't believe how fast it is going.. We have been busy, busy with class, prayer and intercession, worship sessions, meetings, and our first book reading/report.

Week two of our lecture phase, Edwin Fillies, base director at YWAM Muizenberg, spoke on
Reconciliation. We all caught his heart in his teachings, and learned about the power of reconciliation and every Christian's ministry of reconciliation in our families, communities, and nations. We also had a great teaching on the history of South Africa so that we can be more aware as we are out ministering and we know better how to pray.

Terrance French "Cirvant", a spoken word artist, came this week and taught on Identity. It was a really awesome week and I loved hearing all his poems, but it was also a difficult week, because it came with a lot of reflecting on our past and identifying where we started believing lies about ourselves, laying them out on the table, and replacing them with truth. So much healing and our class is growing even closer as a result! I love it/them!

I almost forgot to tell you!!!! Uriah and I found out some really exciting news....WE'RE GOING TO NEPAL FOR OUTREACH!!!

We found out about two weeks ago, and we are getting more and more excited! There are 4 students and 2 leaders going, and we have begun meeting 3x per week in preparation for outreach phase (starting Dec. 15) and doing local team outreaches!

For local outreach we are working at an after school program every Wednesday in Masi. There are 12 children who attend every day after school to eat lunch and do homework and have some fun!

We are so thankful for the opportunity just to be here doing this DTS. Thank you for sending us, guys! We feel so blessed!

Now here are some pictures from our days off or field trips: 
(Warning: You will want to come visit!!)
We climbed to the top of Masi hill to pray...
and saw this....
Went on a double date and saw this from a cave!!...
Took this picture in the same cave... (Wouldn't want to be here with anyone else!)
SAW PENGUINS (and whales and seals and jellyfish)!!!
Went to the beach on our day off to swim and eat ice cream...
And much more:)

More later! XOXO-Kaycee and Uriah