Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas from Nepal!

Namaste!! One week into our 12-week stay and we're all great, aside from some expected diarrhea and Sarah's wisdom tooth extraction. ;) Nepal is even more beautiful than I remembered..and we're only in Kathmandu!

The apartment we are staying at is a very nice place, located in a quiet part of town, and we have roof access with a great view! We have spent the last 7 days getting settled, getting to know the area and getting acquainted with the neighbors, getting used to the food and currency and new culture, figuring out transportation, trying to learn the language with our little books (yikes), and lots of time worshiping and praying. It has been really fun watching Uriah here..he's in his element with all these new people to get to know and of course everyone loves him!

We were somewhat unsure of what our time here would look like.. Aside from us four students setting Bible-reading goals, we just didn't have any leads, but God is so faithful to guide us! Today, the Lord spoke the same thing to three of us--two of us got an impression while we were doing our Bible readings, and the third was one of our leaders! It was such an encouragement for us. Much of our time here will be strategically praying for the beautiful Nepali people. In addition, we will also likely be attending Banquet House meetings on Thursday, which is fellowship around tea, a clinic for the sick or injured, a teaching, and a hot meal, and we hope to be able to work at a children's home and maybe do some trekking to villages! 

Thank you for praying for our health, for our hearts, and for the Nepali people. We love you guys. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Over & out.

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