Sunday, February 1, 2015

Beautiful Nepal

Happy FEBRUARY! Does anybody know where January went?? So much has happened since our last update!

First off, Max and Cambria (two of our four school leaders) paid us a pastoral visit here in Nepal! They stayed a week and we all really enjoyed taking them with us to do ministry and showing them all of our favorite places.. They encouraged us to keep pursuing each other and Jesus and to finish strong! So that's our plan.

Uriah has started spending each morning leading a Bible study with a few men from our church, Fresh Fire. He also had another great opportunity to preach on Saturday. He spoke about faith and seriously killed it! :) He has also been hanging out a lot with his friend, Ezekiel. They do "treasure hunts" (ask God highlight someone to pray for) and spend time at the local snooker/pool rooms. He also has been playing badminton with some of the local kids in the area!

I have spent my time in various ways. One of my favorites: this week I was blessed to work with "Beauty for Ashes", a business that provides jobs for women rescued from human trafficking. The women make scarves and jewelry and bags to sell, and they get paid for their work so they can support themselves and their families. The two days that Anna and I went we joined them for morning devotions, then were put to work washing scarves, packaging orders, and coming up with new ideas for products. They even fed us Nepali food for lunch! We really enjoyed being a part of what God is doing there and hope to get to go back soon.

We have some exciting news from the home front: Two days ago, we got to celebrate the adoption of Uriah's and my 6 new siblings! (I think that grammar is correct.) They're such amazing kids and we have loved them since we met them. If you missed the story, you can click here. P.S. my parents are champs!

Finally, in our last update we mentioned Uriah and Josh were heading to Tibet, but they had to cancel due to closed borders. However, our team has a different exciting trip on the horizon, which I will share all about in the next blog. This is a teaser to keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next post.... ;)

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