Saturday, February 21, 2015

Trek Update!!

Wow--time is flying by for us! We are down to two weeks left here in Nepal! Some of you may know from our Facebook that we went on a trek last week.. It was one of our favorite things about outreach! Uriah and our friend Ezekiel planned and led an 8 day adventure from Kathmandu to probably the most breathtakingly beautiful place I have ever visited.. Kot Timal is a Village about 3 hours by bus east of Kathmandu. It was a really refreshing trip for us all. We hiked hard for 4 days, and rested hard for 2 days. Even just getting away from the noise and dust of Kathmandu was restful, and we got to have a lot of fun as a team just experiencing new things and seeing new places together. We felt so blessed to get this opportunity!

Some highlights from our trek:
-Hiking straight up a whole freaking mountain!!! (Phil. 4:13-my mantra! Proud that it wasn't cuss words like last time!)
-And hiking part way down.. That day was my favorite hiking day because we could enjoy the views and the hike since it was much easier and cooler. 
-Team bonding--no leaders, only students this time! And we got to know Atma and Ezekiel better! They were really great guides.
-Getting to spend time with a lot of Ezekiel's family, learning more of the Nepali and Tamang languages, laughing a lot, eating and praying together. 
-Experiencing village life with no running water and cooking over a fire.
-Sleeping above all the animals one night. And being woken up at all hours of the night by a rooster.
-Fresh chicken for dinner...
-Visiting an organic farm and eating fresh papaya.
-The day we washed our hair and bathed..the men built us a shower so we could have a little privacy. :)
-Uriah and Ezekiel almost got ran off a narrow path by raging bulls! They jumped up the mountain quickly and Uriah just grabbed what he could--which happened to be a thorn bush! They were both a little shook up, and Uriah had a few scratches, but they were ok otherwise. (Thank the Lord!)
-Camp fires every night!
-Attending a Nepali wedding..We even danced Nepali style to Nepali music. (I don't dance..ever.) 
-Holding baby goats. :)
-Riding on the TOP of the big bus with goats half of the way back to Kathmandu!
-The views.. God is an amazing creator!

We are all getting really excited to go see our family and friends, and had a hard time being motivated to do anything last week after our trek. This week is full of ministry, and next week we have our short team debrief in Pokhara before heading back to do school debrief in South Africa. But we know we have just a little more time here to love people and pray and we want to make it count and finish strong. If you pray for us please pray for that!

Also, please keep our Nepali friend in your prayers. She found out last month that she has a tumor in her neck and she has surgery scheduled for this Friday to have it is a pretty risky surgery with a long recovery time and she is trusting God, but still a little nervous. We are praying for healing!!

Thanks for keeping up with us thus far.. Enjoy some photos from the trek:
Atma (on the left) and Ezekiel (on the right) have become near and dear to Uriah's Heart!
They were our trekking guides for our Trek!

Right before our first Ascent!!

Beautiful Sunrise!! Taken from Ezekiel's Big Brother's house!
Love the way the yellow mustard seed plants mash with the green wheat!!
Breath Taking View!

Papaya Farm!!
We Couldn't Resist!!
Bridge Shot!
Some of Ezekiel's Family!!
Love This Place!!
Much love<3

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  1. Such a beautiful place and people. Can't wait to see pics and hear all of your adventures in person !!! Love y'all bunches, Grami