Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Scoop

So, I just realized it has been over 2 months since our last post! I guess that makes us terrible bloggers! Lots has happened since our last update.. We said goodbye to Nepal, spent a week and a half in South Africa with our school friends and officially finished our DTS, came back to the states, visited family in Oklahoma City and hung out withMike n Marley from Minnesooota, and now we're living and working with my parents in Sterling. It has been really fun! We really wanted to know what cool opportunity we could plan for next, but God reminded us that we just needed to just stay put until it was clear.


When we heard about the terrible earthquake that hit Nepal on Saturday and saw the pictures, it began to become more clear where we should go next. At first, we were just kind of in shock, and then it sank in I hurt for the people and all I could think was "I want to be there". Uriah and I started talking about it and he expressed that he felt the same way and we began praying. (If this next part sounds smooth, don't be fooled. I have been so silly and weird and afraid to's like a roller coaster ride.) "Why not?" was the question that popped into my head yesterday morning. Why shouldn't we go?  I came to the humbling realization that longing to be with a people that I love when they're hurting isn't a "Kaycee" longing, it's a Jesus longing. His heart is for people. So yesterday, Uriah put his notice in and we are having a garage sale this weekend to raise money to go. We hope to leave as soon as we can purchase tickets. We would love to stay in Kathmandu, but we can also work with friends in Pokhara. We're trusting that God will show us more specifics later. The tentative plan is to stay in Nepal for a month.

So there you have it. Two months two paragraphs. I think I say it every blog, but we're thankful for our friends and family who keep rooting us on and praying for us. It's awesome following Jesus and sometimes it does feel crazy, but you guys just keep pushing us forward. We don't take it for granted. To prove it, I'll try to up my blogging game and keep you on the inside. ;)

Later guyz

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